other garden committees

Updated Oct 2013
set up and repair, maintain hoses, connections, etc.
Gary, JD
Phone Tree
Call members with no emails throughout the year to provide advance notice about general meetings, important garden business, orientation dates, upcoming events, joining committees, etc. Once the phone tree has their lists they should be able to take the initiative to make these calls when they see email updates about any of these items.

Help with maintenance in the garden including garbage (take out and buy bags), tools (repair and buy new), shoveling snow, sweeping, etc.
Junior, Jesus
Maintenance of Community Areas
  There are several areas in the Garden that are 'community' areas but not part of the Community Plot.  These areas include the parts to the right and left of the main entrance, the corner by Luscious' plot, the triangular corner by the path going to Leeza's plot, the small tree area near there, the point currently serving as the gathering area while we are under Park's construction.

In Garden Announcement Board

Create signage and post important information in the garden throughout the year including upcoming meeting dates and locations, meeting minutes, important announcements, etc. Most of this information can just be printed straight from emails.  (Currently in the construction area)

Plan events throughout the season. Some regular events are It's My Park Day (in May and October), Make Music NY (June), coordinating any BBQs (usually around July 4th), education events and extras the committee sees fit. Create signage for events for posting.

Web Updates
Keep www.twocovescommunitygarden.org updated with meeting information, minutes, events and general page updates. These committee members should have a basic knowledge of  websites (minimum html helpful, but not necessary at all), gmail docs, sites, creating PDFs, design eye, etc.
Mia, Bernard

Community Liaison

Be a garden presence at local meetings including Goodwill, CB1, meeting with local officials when necessary, keep up-to-date with surrounding politics.

Manage member volunteer sign up and hours (tabling the front gate), scheduling volunteers when needed throughout the season for special events.

Act as nominating committee to encourage members to run for SC, plan elections, create ballots, run elections.

Seek and write grants for garden, bring to general members attn for vote

organize and maintain compost area, process compostables, manage distribution of finished compost.
Shirley, Eric M