Steering Committee

Serving November 2013 - November 2014

Jesus Diaz (JD) 
Ina Brennan 
Miyako Taguchi 
Joseph Balint 
Sophia Aptekar 
Ron Cauthan 
Vanessa Jones-Hall 
Eric Matthews 
Violet Hamilton 
Jackie Jediny 
Rosalind Sexton (Lushious) 

Serving November 2012 - November 2013

Emily Compton
Jesus Diaz
Vanessa Jones-Hall
Gary Weeks

Elected at our April 27, 2011 General Membership Meeting

Ina Brennan, Ron Cauthen, Emily Compton, Jesus Diaz, Vanessa Jones Hall, Eric Matthews
Bernard Klevickas, Stephanos Koullias, Loryn Lyn Simonsen, Lynne Serpe, Gary Weeks


Primary Contact : Vanessa Jones Hall
Secondary Contact: Eric Matthews 

2010 Steering Committee 
(Elected at November 21, 2009 General Meeting)
Term Serving: November 
2009-November 2010

     Ina B.,  Jesus D.,  Vanessa J-H.,  Eric M.,  Garrett R., 

Roslyn(Luscious) S.,  
(Junior) S.
,  David T.,  Chris 

Contact the Steering Committee by emailing twocovesgarden(at)gmail(dot)com
(see additional committee page for specific areas/concerns.)

2009 Steering Committee
(Elected at November 15, 2008 General Meeting)
Term Serving: November 2008-November 2009

Emily C., Vanessa H.J., Bernie K., Stacey O., Garrett R.,
Lynne S., David H.T., Gary W., Nitsa W., Chris V.

Contact the Steering Committee by emailing twocovesgarden(at)gmail(dot)com

The 2009 Steering Committee is utilizing a Wish List created by garden members during the November 15th, 2008 General Meeting to guide wider activities in the Garden. We opened the Wish List to a poll that was available until February 1, 2009. In this poll, General Membership weighted the items they felt were "most important" to "least important." Members could also add new Wish List items to appear in our next polling process. As Wish List items are completed we will continue to host more polls in the garden.

February 1, 2009 Wish List Poll Results


  • Communication- Increase participation on email list-serve, better communication
  • Communication- Website with events, minutes, agendas, etc.
  • Community Plot*- Create a cooperative plot for both members of the garden and public to garden together.
  • Common Areas- Plant flowers around berm* (The Community Plot is maintaining the berm with flower and herb plantings)
  • Common Areas- transfer COMMON AREA to tool shed area
  • Membership- Create orientation/ welcome packet with history, rules, composting guidelines, etc
  • Art- Increase sustainable art projects
  • Common Areas- beautify with FLOWERS
  • Common Areas- permanent BENCHES shade structures
  • Events- More WORKSHOPS for garden members and community member
  • Events- More EVENTS throughout season
  • General- Pursue design input
  • General- BIKE RACK
  • General- Work projects/Task list: formalize a way to create and advertise help needed to complete.
  • Governance- More transparency
  • Participation- better ATTENDANCE at general meetings
  • Plots- More uniformity in plot size
  • Signage- more/better SIGNAGE re: trash, compost, emergency contacts, meetings, instructions to visitors
  • Storage Shed- better; implement 120 square foot SHED approved by Green Thumb
  • Volunteer Hours- better scheduling/ follow up to make sure everyone does their 2-hours every month