Wish List Poll

At our November 15, 2008 General Meeting, members formed a "Wish List" of items they desire to happen in the garden. To guide the agenda of the 2009 Steering Committee of these items and the garden's momentum for the year, and to aid in forming grant proposals, we ask all garden members to RANK their favorite GARDEN WISHES. Steering Committee will compile the final list, make it public, and work towards our garden's common dreams.

Follow the link below to the Wish List Poll and rank your Wishes. You do not need to rank every Wish posted.
Complete the Poll by midnight, February 1, 2009.

Click here to take Wish List Poll
or cut and paste: www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=3T30JbQaTAXyulpXEZ1w4Q_3d_3d

Steering Committee is already moving forward with the Wish List.
We are currently working on many of the proposed Wish List Items:

  • Communication- increase participation on email list-serve, better communication
  • Community/Common Plot 
    Create a cooperative plot for both members of the garden and public to garden together.
  • Communication
    Website with events, minutes, agendas, etc.
  • General
    Pursue design input.
  • General
    Work projects/Task list: formalize a way to create and advertise help needed to complete.
  • Governance
    More transparency.
  • Membership
    Create orientation/ welcome packet with history, rules, composting guidelines, etc
  • Plots
    More uniformity in plot size.