(updated 3/4/2014)

Plots are allocated on a first come/ first serve basis 

Please click "getting a plot" (to the left) to put your name on the wait list.  

Please consider joining the Community Plot.
Current garden members that wish to relocate into an open plot may do so before plots are allocated to new members, in special circumstances. If you are a current garden member and wish to relocate, please contact the Steering Committee with your request.
Movement can only be made to a standard sized plot (aprox 100 sq ft). For example, a member that currently has a 300 sq ft plot can only relocate to a standard 100 sq ft plot, not 3 new standard-sized plots. The 300 sq ft plot will be reallocated into three new plots.
Membership renewal occurs on an annual basis, approximately March 1 to the end of February the following year. Annual suggested donation is $20 (monies support the garden acquiring common tools and general maintenance). Members are required to renew their garden status by phone or email by the requested date. Members that do not renew their status by the requested date will have their plot reallocated to a new member. Membership Agreements must be reviewed and signed yearly. Returning members will receive their 2014 Membership Packets by the February General Member Meeting. Membership Agreements and Suggested Donations are due by March 26th (for returning members). Membership Agreements and Suggested Donations may be sent to (make checks / money orders payable to Two Coves Garden):
Two Coves Garden
PO Box 2585
Astoria NY, 11102