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A Day of Growing and Learning

On June 6th, our talented gardeners devoted time to sharing their experiences and know-how. Below are some photos from a few of these workshops.


Joseph & Alayna discuss how to keep plants producing; continually harvesting things like lettuce and chard will train them to grow better. If plants try to go to seed, gently remove the central flowering stalk.

Joseph explains how he and Alayna started plants indoors in February, to ensure they would be mature enough to produce this early in the season.

Everyone gets to sample a delicious fresh-picked lettuce leaf!

The sweet peas are going strong; they like cooler temperature. Mulch can help with keeping plants cool in summer and warm in winter!

Watering is fun!

Emily shares her knowledge about invasive weeds; to protect your veggies some plants must be pulled.

Enjoying the clover!

Emily shows a red clover flower; in addition to fixing nitrogen (an essential element for plant growth) in the soil, you can also make a healthful tea from it.

Emily shows knotweed: you NEVER want to compost this since it is impossible to kill!