Garden Wildlife

Animals are incredibly valuable in a garden.  Small birds, butterflies, and all manner of insects help to keep the garden ecosystem in harmony.  They do things so that we don't have to: fertilize, pollinate, disperse seeds, prune vegetation, eat pests, dispose of waste, and circulate nutrients.  Animals make our garden more balanced, disease-free, and productive.  Animals (humans included) are the consumers in the garden ecosystem.  While plants turn the sun's rays into leafy and woody tissue and decomposers turn the old, dead plant matter into nutrients to be used by plants, it's the consumers' job to regulate the system and see that nothing gets out of balance. 

Two Coves Community Garden is habitat for several wild species. Many of our gardeners are observers of nature and have contributed their knowledge to create this page.

Next time you visit, keep your eyes open for the diverse fauna while you visit the flora!


Year-Round Species

Mourning Dove
A primarily brown bird the size of a man's hand with a long tail
European Starling
A black speckled bird with a squeaking, squawking voice
A gray bird with distinctive white wing bars; mocks other birds' songs
Rock Dove
also known as the domestic Pigeon
Red-Tailed Hawk
Large hawk with broad red tail and pale chest.

Spring and Fall Migrants